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I’m Kristen Bailey, an actress that has become quite familiar with the question "What are you?" 


My ethnically ambiguous look comes with a powerful personality that finds its way into not one but many different genres.


 My witty humor always brings a good laugh to a friend in need or some much needed tough love.  I am also no stranger to challenging the male affection as a strong independent women as seen in the various romantic and dark comedies I have performed in such as Never Catch a Break, Little Treasure, Hunting Hearts (Pilot), Water Under the Bridge and Kenny.


At a young age I faced many circumstances that caused me to turn to acting as my outlet.  My deep connection to tragic situations and twisted characters graces the screen and stage in a number of different dramas.  From a helpless victim of love and loss in I Miss You and Water Under the Bridge, to a dark presence as the killer in the movies Carter and The Stairs.  Whether it is someone else or myself that needs rescuing the fighter in me will always shine through as I kick butt as the leading agent in The Hit.


I have learned from the hardships in my life that you must continue to strengthen and grow by appreciating life and the wonderful people in it. Thus, exploring and understanding different cultures and the world is something that has led me to set sail both in my careers and out at sea.  I have grown up sailing and traveling around the world from a young age to places such as Caribbean, Australia, Europe and Jamaica.  My training in different styles of dance and culture landed me the head choreographer and dancer for two series on National Geographic called Party Like the Queen of France and Party Like a Roman Emperor, and several performances on the Broad Stage in Santa Monica.  


My training has been in both dance and acting.  I have obtained my BA from California State Los Angeles University in Theatre Arts and Dance. Followed by her extensive training since 2009 in Sanford Meisner technique of repetition and scene study at Chris Field’s Acting Studio. Currently, I studying at John Rosenfeld studios for TV/Film acting.  As I continue to grow, I have found myself in new created realities.


Whether it be climbing to the top of the snow covered mountains in a grief stricken love story as the snow queen in a majestic world shown in the fantasy Allegories of Reverie, or finding myself in the twilight zone in the discovery that I am a clone in Control Zero.  My exploration of this world and my own reality will continue to always be challenged as I move forward.


Up next for me? I filming for an acton series as the leading agents wife who is cloned to create chaos and destruction.   

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